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We use a number of procedures for search engine OPTIMISATION (SEO) which are continually being developed and improved. Why, because things change very rapidly in the search engine optimisation industry, so we constantly monitor, on a daily basis the developing criteria of the top search engines. We then update our methods to comply with this criteria.


Every site has its own unique needs, and we will determine the best method of optimisation for your site once we've had a chance to carefully look at it.


Once your site has been analysed we will implement the following services depending on the package you have chosen:


Keyword Investigation Analyse Successful Competition
Meta Tag Set Tailored Marketing
Tailored Marketing Tailored Marketing
Content Analysis Linking Programme
Directory Listings Manual Submissions
Solutions For Non Compatible Sites

Press Releases

Blogging Articles
Satellite Site Development Social Bookmarking

Photo Site Profiling

Monthly Reporting


Keyword Investigation

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We will analyse your site as it stands along with your current keywords (if any) and look at the industry you are in and the clients you are trying to attract. We will also investigate the most popular search words used in your sector using a variety of Keyword Tracker Tools. We will then involve the client in establishing their list suggested keywords. From these two sources we will then produce an optimum set of keywords best suited for your site and industry. The keywords chosen are the singular most important element of search engine OPTIMISATION. We will ensure that we will be using the best possible set for your site.


Analyse Successful Competition

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We will look at your competitors currently ranking in the top 5 positions of Google and utilise this information to compile your own keywords, your meta tag set and additional copy that may be essential to include on your site .


Meta Tag Set

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We will add to each page of your site a  "Page Relevant" Meta Tag set to inform the engines of the page content, its main title, its general category and overall focus. This will ensure rapid listings, direct them to other relevant pages and  request their return for further indexing at regular periods.


Tailored Marketing Programme

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From the information obtained from the competition analysis we will compile a portfolio on the top sites and from that develop a tailored strategy for your OPTIMISATION programme. This strategy enables the OPTIMISATION to be more focussed and will result in a more rapid rise of the site up the engines.


Content Analysis

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Designing a website is generally done from an aesthetic and data point of view. In other words your site will be designed to look professional and impart the required information. We will take that general copy and layout and if required re-write the content to be far more search engine friendly. We will do this whilst retaining the message and information your are trying to get across. This content OPTIMISATION is a vital part of the programme, but we will not include any re-written elements without express approval of the client.


Linking Programme

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One of the criteria favoured by the majority of the search engines is "Linking Popularity". Using the simple fact that a site which has more incoming links to it, suggests that it is a popular site. Therefore the engines want to offer popular sites to the visitor. Subsequently we have developed our own categorised web site linking programme, providing links between all our clients. The result is that you will automatically be provided with a number of incoming links which is constantly growing as our own client base grows. In addition to this we will send off on a regular basis important  "Link Requests" to other popular sites requesting a link exchange. This ensures the continuous growth of you link popularity.


Directory Listings


As well as using search engines to locate the product, service or information required, many users utilise directories. We therefore will select a number of directories in your industry and register your site, we will also re-visit them on a regular basis to update and freshen the information.


Manual Submissions


Submitting your site to the various engines can be done automatically or manually. We favour the manual method as all engines are different and require a variety of information about your site. Only manual submissions ensure that all the information has been given and entered on the correct areas. Engines also regularly change their submission processes, where automatic software submissions would not be able to take this into account.


Solutions for non compatible sites


The optimum type of sites for search engines to index are simple flat html pages with hyperlinks as navigation. But many sites for a variety of commercial reasons may produce Flash, framed or database driven sites which search engines have difficulty indexing. We therefore employ a number of solutions to reduce these problems, such as mirrored html pages, optimised Flash pages and grouped framed pages.


Press Releases


We will write a number of press releases relating to events or news that is occurring either in your industry or within your company itself. These releases will be posted on a number of Press Release sites and will refer back to specific pages on your main site. This process increases your exposure, builds your brand name, increases traffic to your site and ultimately increases your rankings.




Blogging has become increasingly popular over the last few years and is now seen as an important method of adverting your thoughts or information about a particular subject. We use this method to add information about your products or services and link back to your site from the blog. This will drive both human and search engine traffic to your site.




We will write a number of search engine friendly articles and submit them to selected sites. We will also request from yourselves various news items from time to time which will will alos post to further enhance your exposure ion the net.


Satellite Site Development


To further enhance the strength of your incoming links we will construct two independent satellite sites of approximately 4 pages. These sites will be focused on one or two products or services on your site and will be linked back to the main site from each page. They will be marketed and promoted on the engines independently and will be treated by the engines as separate websites.  They will gain strength and position quickly as they will be focussed  on a single product but will provide valuable strong incoming links to your main site. We can then continue on a regular basis to develop a series of satellite sites.


Social Bookmarking


It has become apparent that social booking marking has now become very popular as many people refer to good sites online as well as informing others. This new event has been noticed by the engines which are now giving a great deal of weight to sites which are referred to on the online community. Sites such as Face Book, You Tube, My Space, Stumble Upon and Flickr are becoming important sources of backlinks to websites. Establishing a presence on these sites will provide very strong and popular source of traffic and increase your exposure greatly across the net.


Photo Site Profiling


We will develop a company profile about your business and its services and post this on various photo sharing sites. This again will help to generate traffic and links to your site.


Monthly Reporting

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To assist the OPTIMISATION programme and to assess the progression of your domain  up the rankings, we produce on a monthly basis a Ranking Report.  This report will show your position across a number of the major engines for your  keyword phrases. It also provides additional valuable information which we will then utilise to further enhance the OPTIMISATION of your site. Once the adjustments have been made we will upload the pages and continue the submissions to the engines and directories. It is essential that this process runs continuously as the  engines favour sites which are in a process of development and enhancement.




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